BizExplorer® Dynamic Application Development System

Learn what BizExplorer®, from ALLURData, Inc., can do to solve your complex data needs.  Normalize data from disparate systems and sources into a user-friendly presentation environment for transactional uses, query, reporting, data analytics, and feeding other systems.

Components of the BizExplorer® System

The BizExplorer® itself is the application interface for the user and allows complete control of all data presented to that user based upon their individual security level. The user can easily customize the system for their use. Data analytics and mobile applications can be used with BizExplorer®.

The BizConfig™ allows an administrator to build, configure, and deploy any BizExplorer® module. The module controls usability, security, and ownership.

The BizLoader™ is the ETL tool to extract, transform, and load data. The BizLoader™ interacts and loads most common text file types as well as fixed length files, xml, and spreadsheets. The module allows for easy data mapping and is rich in capabilities for handling data of all kinds.

The BizSpyder™ tool pulls data from the Internet via web page crawling and scraping. This variable driven tool can be configured to crawl the Internet for any type of data and return that data to the BizExplorer® for further processing, refinement, and analytics.

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Sub-Component Features


Document Management and Revision Control is performed as each document is checked out, then returned to the system. This allows for an archived history for files stored in BizExplorer®. Natural Language Processing will search not only for the meta-data but also the contents inside each document.

Reporting can be accomplished by building Ad Hoc SQL Queries that can be turned into reports with the input of parameters. Reports can be controlled by each user or for all users with permissions. Non-standard reports can be developed using SQL stored procedures written for that purpose. The report editor allows the user to select the stored procedure needed for the report being worked upon. The Report function is very robust and allows for generating many different types of output, such as mailing labels, directories, and emails to multiple people.


Searching is allowed within each module for all meta-data elements and documents. Searching may be done with a combination of words or wild card partial words.  Details of the search engine results become viewable simply with a click.

Security can be controlled at the overall framework level and also within the modules. The framework controls are global and are turned on or off.  The module security is set independently and is very robust.


User Experience is enhanced through the use of a tree structure for location of folders and files on the left of each page while viewing the data on the right side of the screen.  The user is able to customize the appearance of the screen and can select a variety of reporting options.  Documents will open in the same format as saved in initially, Word documents will start Word and load the document.  Drop down lists are used throughout the BizExplorer® for user-friendly use of the system.


Help screens and documentation provide for both training and reference of the BizExplorer® and its modules.  BizExplorer® is a very powerful, fully rounded system for both development of applications and use of the application as well.

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